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Last updated 26th of June 1999
Page began 3rd of January 1999

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Hi from New Zealand
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We have been keeping and breeding fish for about two years now.
We have found this is a hobby easily shared

Our breeding Catfish

Corys Last updated 11-06-99

Our breeding Malawi Cichlids

Electric Yellow

Master giraffe our spare male Some of the fish we are trying to breed at present include
Neolamprologus brichardi, Rutunga, Burundi.

We each have a half of the fish room for our breeding stock. Also we each have a community tank of favorites in the lounge often these include fish we have been unable to breed but have become attached to.

Sue' Community tank  (Last updated 26-6-99)

Fire eel Craigs Community tank has

We live in a small country area named Waitoa which is in the Waikato region of New Zealand
We moved to the country so that we could buy our own home as in the cities the houses are to expensive.

We do not have any children of the human kind.
Our other baby is *Demi our Doberman

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