Our other babies

Demi our Doberman

Demi was born on the 2nd of November 1997  by cesarean as she and her siblings were over due.
She was one of two bitch puppies and two dog puppies.
Her registered name is Dixie and Demi's Delight.
Since the breeder had told us that we would be getting either one of the pups or her 6 month old show bitch, We decided that we would visit as often as allowed.
Our first visit was when she was 4 weeks old and then followed by weekly visits .
As a puppy Demi was known as bluey since she had a blue collar.
We were lucky to be able to see the Demi before we got her as it meant that we have some good puppy photos.  (one day we will get them scanned onto the computer)
We were surprised and excited when told we could take her home on christmas eve when she was 7 1/2 weeks old .
We are hoping to breed from her once she reaches 3 years of age.
Demi is very spoilt since we are not planning human children she is our doggy child.
She has free range of the house and our property (1/4 of an acre)
She loves to play with the cats and the chooks.
It is not unusual to see her herding the three chooks around the property.

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Below is a Memorial to our two cats

In the last month we have lost both our cats to the traffic on our road.
TJ always hunted across the road and KC was looking for her lost brother.
This a bit about them some written while still with us and some added later.

 *K.C. our female cat (K.C. stands for kitty cat)
  *T.J. our male cat (T.J. stands for trouble Junior he's a cat with attitude)

K.C. (Kitty Cat)

K.C. was found at 4 weeks old under someone's house with a couple of other kittens when the owner of the house went in search of a bad smell. The smell was the rotting body of the kittens mother. From this time K.C. and the other kittens were hand reared.
When the kittens were 6 weeks old they were taken to the local vet to have homes found for them.
We turned up the next day 4th of December 1996. We went to find one kitten and came home with two. K.C. is more my cat (Sue).
Since she was hand reared she is very dependent on people. She is such a sooky cat.
It would not surprise me if she had rag doll in her as she trusts us to do anything to her e.g.: she will go to sleep purring in whatever position we put her in.
She seldom goes more than a metre away from us when we are at home.When we are out she waits for us on the bed.
She sleeps with me everynight.
Every time she finds you or you find her she gets vocal meowing.
One down fall of being hand reared is that she has asthma and has to have medication morning and night.
We would not be without her though.
KC missed her brother terribly after he died and started to wander trying to find him and her new place in the world.

K.C. October 1996- 25 th April 1999
We love you baby
Go be with you brother.
Rest in peace.

T.J. (Trouble Junior)

We got T.J. on the same day as K.C. he is Craigs cat. He was dumped in a shopping bag at a local school rubbish bin. He was also at the local vet. He is a cat with personality.
He is our guard cat  he is known for attacking people. He spends most of his life outside.
He is the hunter in the family he thinks there is not enough rats mice and rabbits on our property so he goes over to the farm and catches them there then brings them back to us dead.
The farm was his down fall as it was accross the road.

October 1996 - 6th of April 1999.
Rest in peace dude