If you're looking for somewhere to submit a short story or novel, I have compiled some relevant links.

If you find any broken links, have some to add, or would like to make any comments on response times etc, please email me.


Speculative Fiction

Short Story

Ralan The ultimate market listing. Award winning site--for a good reason.

Mary Soon Lee  Organises lists by pay rate. Plus links to some SF/F/H publications/organizations

Quintamid  Sortable by sub-genre. Includes pay rates and average response times.

Paula Fleming  Also includes links to other market list sites.

Story Pilot  Searchable science fiction & fantasy market engine

SFWA  They like to list only paying markets.

Spicy Green Iguana  Searchable. Includes print and web-zines. Reasonably up-to-date list of dead markets.


Ralan  click 'book publishers'.

Response times  For spec fic markets. Can make for sobering reading if you've been chewing your nails off only three months after submitting a novel MS.



Short Story


Blithe House Quarterly  Non-paying but prestigious. Free to read online.

Harrington Lesbian Fiction  Haven't read it myself, but Haworth Press is highly reputable.

Khimairal Ink  A new literary magazine looking for genre and mainstream lesbian fiction; token payment ($5). Editor very nice to work with.

Lodestar Quarterly  Well-established literary magazine. Non-paying; up to 5,000 words.



Alice Street Editions  No submission guidelines listed, but per the editor: snail mail entire MS.

Alyson Books  Submission guidelines well hidden. Query letter by snail mail.

Aqueduct Press  Feminist science fiction. No submission guidelines. Suggest asking by email: info@aqueductpress.com

Baycrest Books  Fiction only: 55k to125k words. Initial approach by online submission form which requires: query/cover letter, one-page synopsis, short bio.

Bella Books  General lesbian fiction, romance, mystery / thriller, sci-fi / fantasy, and erotica. Length: 50k to 80k words. First approach: synopsis and first 30 pages snail mail. Response time (as per them): 2 months.

Blue Feather Books  Formerly Limitless Dare2Dream. Not open for submissions. Listed as not recommended by Preditors and Editors

Bold Strokes Books  Romance: 55k to 110k words. No sim-subs. E-sub only. Requires: one page synopsis, short bio, full MS. Response: 6 to 8 weeks.

Bywater Books  Especially interested in mysteries, romances, and general lesbian fiction. May query. Require you to fill in an online submission form and send by snail mail: first 50 pages, a 1 to 2 page synopsis, and short author's bio.

Cleis Press  Fiction and non-fiction. Book proposal and sample chapters by snail mail. Response: 6 to 8 weeks.

Firebrand Books  Established USA-based feminist/lesbian press. Accepting fiction and non-fiction, but not poetry. Initial approach: snail mail one page query letter, including bio, and SASE. They say they'll respond within 90 days, but take this with a pinch of salt.

Intaglio Press  New press. Lesbian fiction: 50k to 100k words. E-sub only. No sim-subs. Require: cover letter, one page author's bio, 1 to 2 page synopsis, and the complete MS as a zipped file.

Kensington Press  Well-established commercial publisher with several imprints including a gay and lesbian one, but does not accept unagented submissions. 

Kings Crossing  "Kings Crossing Publishing focuses primarily on works by people of colour, women, and others who often are marginalized in literature." Query by email. Snail mail manuscript, presumably only if they ask to see it.

New Victoria Publishers  Lesbian feminist books. For submission info, try emailing. (N.B. A query to New Victoria in Sept 06 elicited the (commendably prompt) reply that "Unfortunately we can not consider taking on any new work at the present time.")

Onlywomen Press  Well established UK press. Feminist fiction, prioritise lesbian authors. No e-sub, but may query by email. Require: cover letter (including short bio) and first 60 pages.

PD Publishing  New, small USA-based press. (Only 10 titles on their Books page). Accept fiction and non-fiction: all genres of interest to GLBT audience. E-sub only. No sim-subs. Require: full MS, short author bio, synopsis (no length specified). They say they'll respond in 4 to 6 weeks.

Regal Crest  Looking for most genres. Publisher and contracts reputed to be author-friendly. Minimum of 60k words. E-subs only. May query. Require: cover letter and complete manuscript as an attachment. Their new website is much easier to navigate than the previous version. Their "Helpful HInts" in their "Submission Tools" is just some style pointers rather than anything more general and useful.

Seventh Window Publications  Gay and lesbian small press: seeking sexy and romantic novels. For romance, they want you to email about their particular requirements. No e-subs. Sim-subs OK if you let them know. Length: 60k to 80k. Require: cover letter, two page synopsis, and first three chapters by snail mail.

Soft Skull Press  I'm not terribly familiar with this press. They take fiction and gay/lesbian, but I'm not sure if they take lesbian fiction. (To be honest, their "About Us" page is a shade pretentious.) No e-subs. Require: cover letter, outline, and sample chapter (no more than 30 pages). They warn that you that may not receive a personal response.

Spinsters Ink  Back in business after a hiatus for 'restructuring'. For women, by women: fiction and non-fiction. Comprehensive author guidelines. Submission guidelines as an annoying pdf file. No sim-subs. Length: 50k to 100k words. E-sub and snail mail. For both formats, require: cover letter, prcis, and sample (max 30 pages). Responses of 45 days not unusual. Prefer MS WORD for MSS.  (Note: by prcis they mean a two page synopsis.) See also Bella Books.

Virago Press  Prefers agented submissions. Unclear whether or not they are prepared to accept unsolicited fiction.

Windstorm Creative  Well-established press with several divisions, but listed as not recommended on Preditors and Editors (because of poor contract).





Queer Publishers  A to Z, plus links to distributors, queer publishing organisations, and related publishing sites.

Queerwriters  The link is to their up-to-date page listing calls for submissions to anthologies as well as novel publishers.

MELSWEBS  Lesbian site about art, poetry, and writing, including a list of publishers and bookstores.

The Publishing Triangle  The association of lesbians and gay men in publishing. Links to publisher's websites and more.

Women's Publishers  A to W of publishers of women's writing (inc poetry and non-fiction)

ACRL/WSS Women's studies  publishers  A to Z list of non-university presses that publish in the fields of Women's Studies, Feminist Studies, Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies and LGBTQ Studies.

University of Wisconsin Women's Studies  links to feminist bookstores, publishers, reviews, lists, and e-versions of women's studies books. Some of the links are dead, but worth a look

Women in Print  A website devoted to women-owned and women-centred bookstores and publishers. Shame it hasn't been maintained as it was a good resource. Last updated 2003

Feminist SFF & Utopia  Last updated 2003, but many of their links are still worth checking out.



E-publishers (selected)


Ellora's Cave  Erotic Romance or Romantica, not erotica. As per their webpage: "Currently the ONLY e-publisher recognized by the Romance Writers of America, our site receives over 50,000 hits daily and average sales of over 30,000 books per month. Our readership continues to grow by the thousand, and our reputation within the e-publishing community is flawless. Ellora's Cave is ALWAYS open to new submissions of erotic romances." Send: detailed synopsis, first 3 chapters plus final chapter, by email. Prefer > 50,000 words.

Double Dragon Publishing  Is "a medium size publisher with an expansive catalogue of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror titles." Double Dragon eBooks was founded in 2001 and is a division of Double Dragon Publishing Inc. Submissions closed until Fall 2006.

Mundania Press  Rated Recommended, and voted as the #6 publisher for 2005 by Preditors & Editors Readers Poll. Looking for sci-fi, fantasy, horror, romance (must be in spec fic genres), mystery (must be coupled to spec fic genre). They have a separate imprint for erotica. Length: 2,000 to 150,000 words. Submissions: oddly, they don't accept e-subs. Snail mail complete MS.

DLSIJ Press  Established in 1998. "DLSIJ Press is committed to being a women's press in the truest sense: We publish all women, regardless of political leanings, belief system, genre, sexual orientation, etc". Genres: Adult Child Issues, Dark Fantasy, Gay/Lesbian, Inspirational Humor, Literary, Mainstream Fiction, Mystery/Suspense, Non-Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction. Submissions: prefer authors to query.

Hard Shell Word Factory  "A royalty paying publisher of works for sale in electronic format and trade paperback.. (We DO NOT charge our authors for publication.  The work must be submitted and pass our editorial review process.)   We publish book-length quality non-fiction and fiction--Romance, Mystery & Suspense, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Western, Historical,  Mainstream, Young Adult and Children's books". Submissions: temporarily closed.