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Lesbian Fiction Forum Lesbian Fiction Forum

We have a forum where lesfic-lovers can meet online to discuss books, ask authors questions, and chat with each other.

The Lesbian Fiction forum is a general discussion board with areas for book reviews, discussions about books, author fora, and broader topics of discussion. We also have an active Private Critique Workshop for lesbian fiction.

I have an author forum called the Kiwi Nest in the Lesbian Fiction forum. Visit to read what others have asked me about my books, and ask me questions yourself.

Registration for the forum is free, but you don't have to become a member to read the generally accessible areas of the boards. Some of the discussions are limited to members only.

I'm the Site Admin for the forum, so if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Forum Tutorials

Below are links to some tutorials for those who wish to learn about using a forum.

Posting Basics  If you've never used a forum before, this tutorial takes you through registering as a member, finding posts to read, and making reply posts. Click here for the brief tutorial. (Thanks to wildeny for this.)

Enhancing Text  If you've mastered the basics of posting to a forum and would now like to learn about adding smileys, lists, images, hyperlinks, and changing the font size and/or colour. Click here for the brief tutorial. (Thanks to wildeny for this.)

Quoting: The Complete How-to Guide  Quoting is a fun and often necessary way of highlighting part or parts of a previous posters remarks. This guide covers the basics and multiple quotes. Click here.