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Welcome to Wordchutney2
Fran Walker's website
  I live in New Zealand.

  I'm married to L-J Baker: award-winning fantasy author and all-round terrific person.

(<-- that's us)

  We have a garden full of veggies, fruit trees, chickens, and the occasional cow.

 And a house full of pampered cats.

(<-- that's Boo-boo)

 I like to cook and bake.

 I write and edit fiction and non-fiction.

 I'm a moderator on the Lesbian Fiction Forum.

Click on the tabs or links above to find recipes, cow and chicken tales, and pictures of beautiful New Zealand.


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What's new?

Year's Best Lesbian Fiction 2008 is now available. (If you're not blown away by Tracy Shellito's  story, all I can say is that you've got very odd reading tastes.)  Get the print version here or the e-version here.


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