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1   Invoking a Windows webbrowser from Tcl

This wiki discusses the issues of invoking Netscape or MIE from a Tcl script. The basic command is:
eval exec [auto_execok start] [list $file] &
The $file should be a fully formed http webpage address. Also some Windows versions do not handle .htm well. For a generalised solution see the wiki for details as some url's require preprocessing to protect some symbols. But for a specific url invocation the command can be quite simple:
eval exec C:/WINDOWS/system32/cmd.exe /c start http://webscool.org/index.html &
This is a general way of "opening" any known document type under Windows. Windows uses the registry to open the document with the right program.

How to do this for other then open, say for edit mode?

Check out the wiki entry for this to get the latest developments.

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