The Tcl Plugin script option

revised 2 June 2006
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3.0.1   The script option and other stuff        

The man-type webpage provides a detailed specification of the Plugin. A couple of things to note here are:

3.0.2   Other Policies        

Here is a rough guide to the Policies which a Tclet can ask to be allowed to use: There are additional policies that allow access to the guests computer, such as the tempfile policy. This policy is set up on the guests computer in the Plugin directories. It will probably be specially written to enable a specific application used within a company. It will limit file sizes and number of files that a Tclet can use, so as not to impact on the guests computer.

These additional policies are for the very advanced user writing a special applicatiopn for an intranet.

This and Tcl/Javascript are covered in the book "Web TCL Complete" by Steve Hall, McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 007913713X
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