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27 December 1997

Waiheke Paul's Line Bar Painters

If this spot is not green you may want to download the latest Tcl Plugin.
This painter generates a line of graded colours. The line consists of a sequence of alternating frames and labels. There are frames with a flat background colour and between each frame is a label which bridges the colour difference between its two frames. You can select the number of frames you want on the first scale. Just 1 frame gives you just that. The frames and labels are not marked out as such. You point and click at the area you want to change.

If you click in a frame area the frame width and colour scales will reset themselves for that frame. You can then adjust them.

If you click in a label area, its label width will be reset and the colour gradient recalculated. You can then adjust the label width. Click on the label again to recalculate the colour gradient for the new label width.

REMEMBER to click on a frame area before attempting to change the frame's colour.

The generated code can be saved as "linebar.txt" under your browser's "temp" directory.

If you seem to have lost some frames, increase the height scale. This will increase the height of the frames, but not the labels, so you will be able to see where the frames are. Make whatever adjustments you want to the frames and then shift the height scale back to where you want it and recalculate the labels as required.

If the colour change from the end frame to the graded section is too abrupt try altering the colour scales a little. Push the colour scales to the extreme end of the spectrum which still produces the colour you want at each end. This means that the graded section will continue in the same colour for a little while.

Also the colour route may introduce a slightly different colour caste. This is caused by palette approximations. Again try adjusting the less significant colour vectors so that no colour casts get introduced.

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