Frieze Painter

written December 1997 being revised May 2006
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This is a plugin that generates another frieze of rectangles and shows the Tcl/Tk code required to write it. The painter allows you to judge colour, relief and proportions of the line intuitively, without having to write your own code, change, and execute it repeatedly. It also shows you the Tcl/Tk code for the frieze, which may be saved in a file frez21paint.txt somewhere under your browser's temp directory. Under Windows do a search under C:/ for the file name - the file is hidden away in some obscure place where you cant normally see it.

If that painter was not quite ornate enough for you, here is the next in the sequence with a frame nested inside each of the first two frames. Frame structures more ornate than this tend to be a bit self-defeating so I will not provide painters much more complex than this. The generated code gets to be too long and complicated to copy, and to download and execute. The code in the text window is longer than can be seen but can be viewed by clicking and dragging on the code in the panel. The saved file is called frez22paint.txt and will probably be under your browser's temp directory.

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