1.9 Assessing Programming Assignments

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How to be aware of fraudulent assignments, copying, borrowing off the net, and so forth...

Careful design of the exercises is the key here. For simple exercises:

For complex exercises promote:

Teachers may be able to apply some of these techniques to the non-programming projects included in this course.

Assessment can be done by a number of means. Techniques can be used which reinforce a collaborative process rather than a competitive, and consequently secretive, process. The computer infrastructure can help with this by providing mechanisms which support collaborative processes such as peer assessment.

This is not intended to be a section on dealing with plagiarism, but essay assignments need to given topics which have a specific viewpoint so as to reduce the opportunity for plagiarism. Even choose a viewpoint which may not be the authors own viewpoint. A look at the google advertisements for the preceding section may open your eyes to what is already available on the web to aid the compulsive copyer. Indeed many of the advertisments on these pages are worth a good look as they are often placed by companies who are at the front of the pack in terms of providing new developments and services on the web.
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