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written Sept 2000 being revised May 2006
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1   Introduction

There are two main ways to include audio on a webpage. Usg midi (.mid) or wave files (.wav) with an <enbed> tag, or using streaming audio with <object. and <embed. tags.

2   Midi with <embed> Tag

Command Parameters:
align = right / left / center (middle) Controls the alignment of the playback console for the embedded audio file within the web page at the point of placement. /td>
autostart = false / true Specifies whether or not the playback of the audio file will start automatically or must be prompted by the user. A value of "true" enables the autostart feature.
controls = value The parameter specifies the look and action of the playback console that will be displayed to the user.

Acceptable values are:

displays a complete playback console with all controls available.
displays only the pause control button.
displays only the play control button.
displays a reduced playback console with play, stop and volume controls.
displays only the stop control button.
displays only a volume control slide.
height = pixels Controls the height of the console display in pixels. Height and width parameters need to be matched to the size of the console or control buttons displayed.
hidden = true / false Controls whether or not the console is hidden. A value of "true" hides the console from view.
hspace / vspace = pixels Controls the horizontal and vertical space (in pixels), respectively, to require as a standoff for the playback console if placed within text.
loop = # of repetitions / true Specifies the number of repetitions for playback of the audio file. A value of "true" causes playback to loop continuously while the page is viewed.
src = URL Specifies the URL of the audio file to be embedded for playback.
volume = value / % Controls the volume of playback on the output device. The range of acceptable values is from 1 (sound off) to 100 (full volume) with a default value of 50. Alternatively, volume may be expressed as a percentage in the range from 1% (sound off) to 100% (full volume) with a default value of 50%.
width = pixels Controls the width of the console display in pixels. Height and width parameters need to be matched to the size of the console or control buttons displayed.
Embed statements can cause the halting of a webpage at a firewall because the embedded files can contain viruses. So place them at the very end of the page immediately before the </body> tag

3   HTML title tag

text "The contents of this tag appear on the browser title bar, so you want this to be strictly relevant to the page being seen. The first few letters are the most specific part of the title when it is iconised in any form so they should relate strictly to the page content and more general stuff should follow.

The title tag is no longer as important for search engine priority as it once was. Search engines use meta tags and page content to assess search priority.

Because of its use, the title should be no longer than 80 chars.

4   meta tags

text "DevGuru XHTML reference

Slacker's Guide

Submitexpress provides useful tools for search engine analysis.

5   CSS

Some new CSS features.

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