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1   English ?

What will become of the subject once known as English? Here are some views:

Links to the Humanities in Cyberspace and associated topics.

This article brings up some interesting issues. As we embrace the age of the net, to what extent will what we teach become dependant on what is available. Will we become increasingly dependant on American material on CD or DVD for source material? We are already aware of the effect that American TV and movies have in dominating the world of entertainment. Of course this is not an issue in America, but in NZ it certainly is.

2   Communication and Interpretation

3   Material for specific Years or Levels

3.1   Level 1 Year 1

3.2   Level 6-8 Year 12-13

3.2.1   Drama   Intensity of Experience   Persistence of Memory   Plays   The Crucible by Henry Miller
Resource Material for The Crucible is available at Unitech Auckland.

Resource material and an historians view. This raises the quexstion, to what extent did Miller rearrange history to create a "Fatal Attraction" type story which the Washington Post Reviewer of the 1996 movie by Miller's screenplay subtitled "Revenge of the Blood Crazed Teenage Bimbos from Inner Space"? In other words, Miller creates a story in which the moral polemic is just a ploy to sanitise the story and keep the rational mind engaged while the play does its dirty work in presenting a public domination/humiliation scene leading to ultimate autoerotic strangulation fantasy of the male (at least) subconscious. Yes, a sexploitation movie of the teenage rape horror genre. All Miller deviations from record go in that direction, a younger hero, naked virgins dancing in the forest ( shades of Golden Bough ), vengeful rejected teenage girl, multiple hangings.... Miller himself alludes to an obsessive quality to the story that he cant pin down (!??!) in his post-premier interview. Oddly enough the reviewers are not unaware of what the movie is really about.

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