The Book Project

written 28 Oct 2001 being revised May 2006
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1   The Book Project

This project is the familiar term student project of producing a book in classic book format.

Book format remains and will remain one of the most important formats for accessing information. There are several reasons for this.

It is these qualities that the student is working with in completing a book format student term project. But the Web is one of many possible information sources and for one particular term project it may be possible to require that all information be sourced over the web. Topics chosen for such a ''limited sourcing'' project should be carefully selected to ensure that the possible quality of the result is not impaired by such a restriction but it could be a specifically web oriented project such as

Marking - higher grades should be reserved for the following qualities:

These are all qualities that are important in all forms of information presentation, including computer-based documents. (Preparing a quality book on a computer requires a large learning curve and is appropriate only for Y12-13 students with special interests in this process, such as producing the School Annual.)

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