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revised 30 July 2006
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Another development in 2003-2006 has been the blog. This is a personal diary on the web to which readers can add their comments. This is another form of participation on the web. This has not been so successful because it has been treated more as an entertainment medium than an informative or educational medium. Bloggers, people who write their own blogs, can tell you that only 1 in 500 comments have any content. Blogging will continue for a while yet, but it has already proved to be a failed collaboration medium. However it does provide a platform for inspired authors who can use it to promote ideas, methods etc and catalyse change.

As a simple means of web authoring it may have some value. It is certainly an accessable authoring medium for the young (Y5-9). But other than the simple fact of the authorship, educational value in blogging may prove limited.
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