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Tips for using Email in the Classroom
Tips on the use of email in schools. Includes technical aspects, management, and procedures for use with students. Developed for Porirua, Houghton Valley School ICT cluster as part of the ICT Professional Development Cluster project. [ Metadata record ]

With regards to Key Pal Links, teachers should seriously consider the appropriateness of forming links that will only exist in cyber-space. For younger children, links closer to home that can be followed up by real contact should be pursued. It is easy, even for adults, to confuse values communicated over the net with real values. Children should be able to make real comparisons between what is communicated over the net by a writer, and the writer's real circumstances. Pure cyber relationships should be deferred until about Y6 and international relationships until Y7-8 since there is also the complication of language even amongst "English" speaking countries.

Many of the "learning opportunities" only use email as a vehicle for asking maths problems and so on. They are hardly exercises in their own right. However it is important to be aware of the opportunities that new communication media offer to make "old turnips" more appealing in the classroom. This is not just a process of window dressing. email offers an immediate, responsive and involving environment which also demands that the writer carefully and precisely communicate ideas and responses.

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