2.3.9 Searching the Web

revised 30 July 2006
Google site search

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Between 2003 and 2006 some major developments have occurred in the Web with regards to the way we find information. Before 2003 there was a proliferation of search engines. Today there is basically only one major search engine of the web, Google. Google has now become a common useage verb.

There is a special reason that Google has become the only search engine. Google made its search engine part of an economic process by using it as part of Google's Adsense System. Adsense sells advertising space to e-sellers on other peoples webpages. The advertisers interest is matched to the content of the webpage by Google's search engine creating a vast readily accessible advertising market.

Google has done its work so well that this website does not have its own search engine, but simply uses Google's site specific features. Google's special search features are important to know for everyday use, as the search engine becomes more sophisticated.
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