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Photo of my studio 2004
My Interest in music started when I was four, watching early chezzy 80's music videos. I pay great gratitude to the years I spent in the UK in the early to mid 90's, were my taste developed. I got my first interest with collecting Vinyl when I was at one of Llwybr Llaethhog's gigs in north Wales, were I talked to one of the band members about how I enjoyed his style. He asked me the question, "do you have a record player." At the time I didn't but I told him I did, so he gave me one of their 12" on the spot, and the collection has been growing ever since. At that time I had quite a collection of cd's ranging from 808 State - LFO - Orbital and the Chemicals Brothers when they were called the
Dust Brothers... anyway before I came back to live in New Zealand I used to jam with a mate using turntables to mix talking books such as hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and a Roland MC-303 grovebox, it was fun stuff. I arrived in New Zealand late 97 and found my self starving for music. The town was a s*%thole no scene, no were to get the records and no radiostation just the classic hits variety. I was going cold turkey so I had to get my self a PC and a modem ASAP and got reeducated again. A year had past and there was a rumour that a real dance club was being set up in the town. I was over the moon by then, as I had quiet a large collection of vinal, I got myself a pair of cheap decks (belt drive, which was a big mistake but all I could eford at the time!) and began to practice.
Flyer I made for on of the nights i used to DJ

I got a job straight away in the club once a week 9pm - 3am, it was hard at first, the hours were long but I enjoyed it. they had the best PA (D.A.S) that I had ever used or heard and there were lots of amps and a digital delay system so there wasn't too much boom, it sounded so crisp. Also it was supposed to be the most powerful P.A. in a Bar in New Zealand at the time. I played drum and bass. And on the other nights a DJ Gary Garage played Garage and prog trance, It was I nice club for a small city. The club named the Buzz Bar only Lasted 1 year, it closed to a lack of punters due to the fact they were a decade behind with there music taste and it was to hard to change them. After this period I only DJed at the odd party and club. Djing is great but bloody expensive it taken me 10 years to get around to getting 2 Technics and Im also very passsionate about the music that I Mix (Drum and Bass and Electronica) In this town you have to play R&B and Chart to make $$ thers no way Iwant to dabble with the mainstream because it wouldn't be fun any more, and I dont do it for the $ I do it for the Love. Lately I have started to collect electronic instruments to start up a small studio, making mainly ambient sound scapes and dodgy beats..

well one at the mo its called Or beat an acid beaty orgasmic track I did it in 1998 with a 4 track tape recorder, bass guitar, some samples and rebirth on my old Pentium 200Mhz

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Drum & Bass - Photek, Johny L, Concord Dawn, Lemon D, Ed Rush & Optical and Lamb
Electronica - Every thing on the WARP lable (LFO, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert) Bjork, Orbital, Future Sound of London and Howie B
Basicaly I like bass, freaky Crisp sounds and not to many vocals if at all.

Stanton SMX-4011210M5GB&W ASW-650 Sub & DM-602 s3 SpeakersShure Whitelable
Some Images from the net of some of my stuff

Behringer MX 1602 12-Channel 2+2-Bus Mixing Console, x2 Behringer XM2000s mic's, Lots of colorful Proel cables, Roland Juno-6 synthesizer, Boss Dr-202 drum machine, Zoom RhythmTrak RT-123 drum machine, Cheesy bongo drums, Korg Kaoss Pad SE (transparent!), Stanton SMX-401 dj mixer, x2 Technics 1210M5G turntables, 1 Pioneer CDJ-700s, B&W ASW 650 Sub and B&W 602s3 speakers.

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