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Me as a baby

Born to Ruth (born Sheila, name changed when we moved to Australasia), Mackie and Donald Mackie on the 26th of July in Manchester, North England. My sister Ruth who had down syndrome and spina bifida had only just died months before I was born. she was 8 at the time also one other Sister and Brother Alison b.1962 and Bruce b.1964, but both had left home before I popped into the world. now have 2 younger sisters and 1 younger brother

Still lived in Manchester, I think my dad was based in Withinshaw hospital, Oh and I had my first memory, of the carpet of our house, it had 1 inch pile and it was brown, spent a lot of time on the carpet.

Moved house within Manchester.

Visited my dad's parents in Geneva Switzerland, my Granddad worked in developing radio communications satellites.


stayed in France for a month.

launch of the Mac, love em and collect the classic ones, but I still use a PC.

Started school in Manchester and started to talk too, it was only when I was 5 I had something sensible to say. Then at the end of the year we immigrated to New Zealand to a small town called Dargaville were my dad was a anesatist at the local hospital.
Lived in the hospital grounds, which I made full use of as a kid, Very different to the UK!

Moved with my dads Job to Masterton (NZ).

Probably one of the worst years of my life


Moved to lower Hutt (NZ). I ran at the Colgate games (national championships) were I came first in the 1500m, 2nd 400m and 1st in the 100m, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia, My dad left and then mum and I went too Australia to live


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1989 - 90
Had to put up with the schooling system of Australia were they treated me as a thick nit wit
(back then they didn't understand Dyslexia that is St Roberts Geelong!!!) ha ha if they could see me now :-)
nice surf were we lived (Geelong) so took up boogie boarding as a hobby. athletics I did at weekend but always ended up throwing up after every race so I didn't enjoy it!

Went to the UK to visit my older Brother and Sister who had kids by now, and found that dyslexia was recognized there too so ended up staying in the UK and went to a School called Queens Park for a year. Had an IQ test and was very happy with the results (lets me join some club starting with the letter M).

St David's

Moved to Llandudno North Wales to a secondary boys school called St David's which was 50/50 Dyslexic and so-called normal (rich brats) my dad payed for the fees for the first year.

Had to leave the School because the fees weren't being paid, got real depressed because I had no future in a normal school, after a few months the Royal Medical benevolent fund payed for the fees and I went back (Thanks)

Got a cd player, major mile stone of my life!

Post, Bjork, one of my favorite CDs of all time

picked up some GCSE's mind you I had to re sit English 6 times and it wasn't till 97 I got it.
Oh went to a cool Bjork concert in Manchester. Went to London to look at a recording studio for possible career choice.

First Romance, wasn't much, thinking back now (sorry), did lots of Art, listened to John Peel lots and got influenced.

Got those damn A levels + an AS level Art, (design technology and art history) oh then mum and I moved back to New Zealand after I finished school

Vanessa and some of her art

Started a Bachelor in applied art, and stared in my first musical (Jesus Christ Super Star) as an atheist apostle. And met Vanessa (swiss). Went out dancing heaps with her and started doing some Djing at a local Club which then went bust (Probably my djing ha)

V & I
Leyla and Sven

sound tech for a few plays, lots of course work and started work at the local art gallery and got together with Vanessa at the end of the year, She has two kids who are the best kids I know always make me smile, and plus I had an excuse for playing with my old train set!

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V & mum

Graduated with a BAA, and did a bit of graphics work. Celebrated my 21st year of life.

big fan of Philippe Starck

started working as a community support person, which involves doing fun stuff with people with disabilities, like being a buddy (take them out for a drink or help them with the internet).
Started making dodgy music in my home recording studio (if you can call it that).

started digging a pond in Vanessa's garden which took 6 months to dig,
oh and conaplated doing a commercial pilots licence at the end of the year. (Yeah right!)

Mum sold her house and bought some land with vanessa and we all pland our future to live on a life-stile block out in the country.

Two houses built on one piece of land. Vanessa went over to Switzerland for 2 months to visit her family while she was over there she did the dirty on me, whilst I was planning proposal of marriage to her. She arrived back and did the dear John thing then got together with a work colleague the day after, HA so it was a shit year


The year of being single! first time in my adult life, been a good year so far, caught up with some old friends + made speshal bonds with new ones :-) also moved to Wellington in February and started work at Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand) then started full time at Workbridge (employment agency for the disabled) as a job trainer/employment consultant. In April i bought my first set of non peddle powered wheels, a black Vespa PX200.


Well the beginig of the year started of with a bang :-) I stared as a Zombie in some german electronic artist's video called Legowelt. plus finaly started a blog

To be continued.....




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