Think Piece

Of Times and Seasons

Daniel 7:25 He will speak against the Most High and oppress his saints and try to change the set times and the laws. The saints will be handed over to him for a time, times and half a time.

    Daniel was speaking of an end-time ruler some call the Antichrist.  While this speaks of a person who may not yet be apparent, he may in fact be already exercising his influence.  With all the ballyhoo that the media poured out in 1999 over the New Millennium, few realized then and even now that, for whatever reason, we were being "sold a pup".

    For those who troubled to think about it, they would readily have seen that the new millennium could not have begun until 1 January, 2001, for the year 2000 is the thousandth or final year of the old millennium, just like the 2000th millimetre and not the 1999th  is the total of 2 meters.  Yet "the whole world . . . followed the Beast." Revelation 13:3

    So it is with this age, new  depersonalising names for everything, old values despised and people so confused  or blindly following the latest "self actualizing" fad, that even the laws  of mathematics can be ignored and not noticed.

    This has nothing to do with Y2K which was the result of our technological short sighted-ness but even though Y2K did not live up to the hype some people made a lot of money from it. In spite of "experts" dire warnings, Y2K did not cause any disruption to society, (except for those paying large sums for expert help) but in the event Y2K had fulfilled the predictions, what better time than the occasion almost everybody is celebrating a phoney millennium?

    Any social disruption and problems with services would been multiplied many times.  We can be grateful.

    What was amazing was the silence from the Church which, in the main, went along with the deception just like many Christians also expect the Church to endorse "acceptable" social standards rather than God's standards.

    I believe this was an exercise that demonstrated how easily, on a much more serious occasion, the public will be led into a much greater deception to believe in and "worship the Beast".  Christian, be awake!

    About those days and His return, Jesus said it would be, "at a time that you think not".   Maybe a better translation would be "at a time when you are not thinking".

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