Quick Comment on the Principles of

The Tree of Life

Genesis 1-2:3 and 3:22

One does not have to deliberate at length to realise that no one saw the actual acts of Creation and whoever wrote the record of events, must have received, from The Creator, some sort of direct visual revelation.

It is impossible to describe all the facets of such a complex happening in one continuous statement. It is necessary to "slice" the event into logically associated pieces and to compile details that are related into a series of overlapping, coherent commentaries.

Genesis 1-2:3 is like a virtual reality documentary of six periods of creation revealed in six daily episodes. The individual periods may have been long or short and several must have run concurrently in our space-time continuum.

For example, we are not given any clue as to the beginning of the fourth day but we can see the closing scene, (as viewed in our "Virtual Reality Documentary"), as coinciding with the end of the flood of Noah as this was the first time the sky was clear enough of cloud ("the waters above the earth") for the sun to shine through and create a rainbow.

There is nothing to suggest otherwise, and there is much categorical evidence in favour of the idea, that until the time of Noah the earth was wrapped in a huge cloud blanket and that although night and day continued, (as we can still witness on days when dense cloud exists) mankind was not actually exposed directly to the sun.

In fact, the longevity mankind enjoyed before the flood suggest that something such as the cloud blanket protected the human race from the destructive effects of solar exposure. After the flood, the average life-span very rapidly dropped from 800 - 900+ years down to 120 and then averaging 70 or 80 as to this day.

Even before the flood there was a limitation to human life-span probably due to environmental factors. So, initially, in God's plan, He had provided a rejuvenation means, a "tree of life". This clearly was a real natural therapy as after the fall, Adam was prohibited access to "the tree of life" lest he partake and become an eternal sinner. "And the LORD God said, "The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever." Genesis 3:22

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