The Force be with You

    George Lucas has denied any attempt to convey spiritual principles in his "Star Wars" epic, yet there are strange, even exciting parallels between much of what is portrayed and practical Christian living.

    Much of our attitude to spiritual truth and experience is still traditionally coloured and expressed in terms of medieval mentality or mysticism.  So, we may be amazed to find that the Bible is full of real down-to-earth practical instruction, consistent with logic and modern scientific observation.

    God made us unique, apart from all the rest of creation. God gave us an "image" of Himself.

    A unique characteristic of Adamic Man is the human conscience.  It is by the conscience that we sense "the force". Conscience is a conscious and subconscious function comparable to a magnetic compass. It gives us moral direction, yet like a compass our conscience is subject to interference and can be confused if exposed to powerful contrary forces.

    The apostle Paul spoke to Timothy of those whose consciences had become "seared as by a hot iron" , indicating that this facility was marred, damaged and no longer responded to the moral directional influence, which Lucas calls the Force and the Bible calls the Holy Spirit.

    In Star Wars the Force is not just a moral influence, but an energy source, enabling those who believe and are trained to "overcome" in normally impossible situations.  Isn't this really what Christians profess, at least in part, of those "filled" and directed by the Holy Spirit?

    The Jedi knights were few and almost extinct because of a natural reluctance to trust anything outside of everyday human senses. There were plenty of good people, but few who really would or could rely on "the force".  It is hard to believe in something that has no rational link with our learned experience. Yet most learning comes, in part, prior to experience. Our experience tends to confirm or question what we are taught.

    Perhaps our readiness to really believe in, and accept the power that is available to us would be enhanced by a more reasonable and more biblical "revelation" of the purpose and form of the Holy Spirit.

    Regrettably, cults and sects, heresy and apostasy feed on orthodox inconsistency, confusing the truth while demonstrating the error

    It is our hope here to explore some old and new reasonable possibilities for our faith, that will not hinder but enhance our convictions and dedication, allowing our lives to be more perfectly conformed to "His likeness" by the powerful intervention of that "force" that Jesus called "the comforter" and "the promise of the Father".

    Although the above example serves to illustrate some ways in which the Holy Spirit may work in our lives, we need to understand the Holy Spirit in the context of the whole nature of God. This will be discussed in more detail, from a scriptural perspective, in separate studies.
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