On Liberals

    Today we are bombarded by "politically correct" ideas, phrases and even words for all sorts of everyday situations. Most have high sounding aims striving to "liberate" or "empower, or be "compassionate" or to struggle for human "rights", using catch-words like "choice", "freedom", etc.
    To avoid embarrassing the handicapped and sinners, terms are devised like "challenged" and "acceptable" so that ability and behaviour is not measured against reality or an absolute standard.
    Unfortunately, the tendency of all such well intentioned efforts is to reduce everything to the lowest common denominator. Unlike a mathematical equation, human nature keeps dragging down the norms so that the lowest common denominator sinks ever lower.
    While, for the great majority of teachers it is not so intentioned, these philosophies are producing citizens without conscience or compassion who will, without remorse, commit heinous crimes. The consequences producing a soulless, profit driven media seeking headlines and sensation (also ratings and sponsors) under the pretext of the so-called "public's right to know".  The public whose right it is to know all the gruesome details and broken hearted private grieving of those affected, gradually become deadened to the gruesome onslaught, gradually establishing a new norm or level of what is "acceptable".  Unfortunately there is a sort of moral gravity that means new standards (if I can use that word) are usually lower standards.  Of course, on reflection, that is a meaningless statement, unless, somewhere, we have and agree to, some absolute measure by which these standards are judged.
    To publicly raise a voice against this cancer in our society immediately invites a flood of derisive name calling. One of the most interesting is "fundamentalist".  The word has been repeatedly used to describe a "lunatic fringe", usually of religion.  Anyone who tries to suggest there was once a better way or calls for a return to the proven and peaceful principles by which our society was once established is branded "fundamentalist" or a "bigot" or some other equally complimentary label.  This illustrates the hypocrisy of the Liberal Establishment whose catch cry has always been "tolerance" yet little of that virtue is shown toward those who do not agree with them.  In fact it is not infrequent to see real "liberal" aggression against Christian dissenters.

    Behind the plea for tolerance is the idea that we must not judge another's life style or behaviour "it may be right for them".  Of course society has limits of "what is acceptable", but those limits, as has already been stated, are constantly lowered by apathy and common practice.  A sticky end is in sight.

    Even many churches have sought softer words that do not demand that folk give account of their actions to an higher Authority.  Even the Scriptures have been re translated to be "politically correct".
    Some liberal theologians demand the freedom to "interpret" "myth", as many call the Scriptures, in terms "relevant to today".  In other words to water down God's "absolutes" to the consistency of more comfortable "suggestions".  Others do not allow that God's Word has any relevance anyway.
    In our society, we are seeing the fruit of this attitude and it would be a part of this writer's purpose to beseech us each one to really look and seriously consider what has happened to a nation that has denied God.  Are we not now a cruel, materialistic, user pay society with a low value on life and goodness, despite of all the media publicized witch hunts on the misdemeanours of public figures - no matter how long ago?  Much is said by public figures and politicians about compassion but where is it in practice?
    Liberal morality, sexual freedom and situational ethics have not been the "liberating ideas" they were touted to be?
This is what the LORD says: "Stand at the crossroad's and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls . . . ' Jeremiah 6:16
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