Original Observations and Comment on Biblical Subjects by V. Keith Relf and others


The RabbiThis Site is the deposit of various writings I have penned over a good many years together with some links and more recent articles by others, that I believe, will enrich your study and reading.

Some of the items will be controversial but I ask that if you read further,
that you give a fair hearing to the points raised. You may be challenged to search the Scriptures for yourself, with an open mind.  A few items are light hearted but attempt to show that some more serious matters may not be as is commonly believed.

I will be happy to receive constructive comment.
Click here for an email link. It is my hope that there may emerge statements of truth that are not the work of only one person, for I do not lay claim to any special gifting or scholarship - simply a desire to know more of God and His purposes. 

Also I lay no claim to the skills of building a Web Site and trust that this present construction will serve our purposes. No doubt it will change and improve as time goes by. New Items will be added and constructive comment considered.

NOTE: This site is frequently updated.

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This is a very helpful and interesting site with clear teaching
on the Way of Salvation
and many important Biblical subjects for these present days.

Studies and Essays on Biblical Subjects
Other Writings
A Unified Theory of Creation The Everlasting Gospel - Link
A Biblical "Day" Star of Bethlehem
Beginnings in Genesis
Foul Air
Of Heaven and Earth On Liberals
The Making of Man The Force
Where Adam and Eve Immortal? Of Times and Seasons
The Tree of Life Be Prepared - Think Piece
A Flaming Sword
Continental Drift Meditations
Giants Bereavement
What Are We?
One Solitary Life
Virgin Birth
One Flesh
A Biblical Understanding KEHILAH TEACHING - Doctrinal Studies
The Ultimate Intention

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