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Valkrista Swedish

At Valkrista, we specialise in breeding Swedish Vallhunds. Our purpose is to promote these versatile small dogs. Could they become the designer dogs for the Kiwi lifestyle?

What a poser
NZ Ch Steppenwolf Zip, (imp Australia), our first stud dog, is a real smooch pooch. Right into ball games.

An ancient pure breed, the Swedish Vallhund (or Vastgotaspets) was the "little cattle dog of the Vikings" 1000 years ago. By 1940, they were almost extinct, but have been brought back from the brink.

A Vallhund is small in stature - 30 to 33 cm high, weighs 10 to 14 kgs, and can live to 17 years.

Intelligent, affectionate, versatile, fun-loving, they respond well to training and have proved their ability at obedience, agility and tracking.

    A very rare and ancient breed,
    A Vallhund's everything you need,
    A watchdog, friend and lots of fun,
    The sweetest dog beneath the sun

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