V3 One Metre Yacht

The manufacture of the Vickers V2 has now moved back to Auckland. This will be done on a commercial basis to speed up the processing of orders for this boat. The mould is currently being upgraded to the same specifications of the 1999 New Zealand One Metre Championship winning boat as sailed by Ian Vickers and will now be known as a V3. Ian has supplied us with a full set of building jigs to ensure the keel and mast placings are correct. The boats will only be sold as completed hulls as this will ensure uniformity and correct balance. We will also be carrying a range of V3 sails in one and two oz. Mylar.

Complete Hull

All components are undercoated ready for your topcoat finish

Cost NZ$1050 + Postage & packaging
Painting NZ$100 Range of colours are available

For more information please contact V3tech:

Ph. +64 9 527 2578
Fax: 64 9 527 2548
Email: v3tech@ihug.co.nz