Hi, I'm Iris.  I'm now 87, I live in New Zealand and I've been on the internet for seven years.  I still don't know what I'm doing with it but I'm doing it anyway.

The sound you hear is not the globe above squeaking, but is the sound of a native NZ bird, the tui.
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Here's a link with some wonderful pictures and information about New Zealand on it if you are interested:

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Names I am searching are as follows:

Watterson, Waterson, Wilkie, Burling, Worsley
Knapp, Noakes, Curson, Radford, Chown
Topping, Young, Petersen, John Johnston, Nielsen

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My husband, Laurie and I, on holiday

This is my husband,  Laurie and I, on the banks of the River Murray
in South Australia 1990 

Can anyone tell me who these people in the photos are, please? - Now solved!!!!
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The Summer Queen - a poem I wrote when I was 15
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The Quest of the Winged Sandals
(A story I wrote when I was 11)


The tui is my favourite bird.  They are in the trees in my garden.  Click here to see what a tui looks like.
Click here in netscape or on play below if using Internet Explorer to hear the tui sound:

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