So you've been googling on a certain subject and thus far you've been thru site after site searching for this one thing. And for some random reason you saw a few keywords on google leading to this mystrious site that has a bunch of random keywords, of which one of them is the one you are searching for. So now you've made your way here, looking all confused thinking what the heck is this site about, and where is that thing I'm looking for. Well look no further you've come to the right place; I hope.

Now let me tell you about the things that we've got on offer. We've got information on anime such as Tokyo Mew Mew and Magic Knight Rayearth; hopefully more to come. We've also got some open source C# projects that I've worked on at University, these are under projects. We've also got some photos to share with everyone. Oh and I love this, we've got a 'How to...' section which teaches you a number of things that everyone should know, well we believe that everyone should know this, you can see this under the 'misc.' section. We also must not forget my sister's web-journal, COLORSTAINS. She has made herself a lovely collection of avatars, which you can see at her journal. Last but not least a place for you guys to contact us! So you can provide us with feedback/comments on the website.


I've finally got a job! YAY!!!I've been working full time for the pass month or so. First full time job! So I have been slack in finishing up the rest of the website. But when I say rest, it's only really the photo and project section I think...Hmmm...yes...I'm waiting for my sister to come along and make her website and expand this site into something much larger...but otherwise there won't be much updates. If you would like me to link to your site feel free to contact us and let us know!


I've been busy this weekend going thru some tutorials on using PowerBuilder, so I didn't have much time to do much work on the site. I was also busy this morning, so I wasn't able to do much work on the site. I know excuses excuses...we've all got them. But I have managed to get the 'Credits' and 'About Us' pages running; under 'Misc.'


YES! Everyone I've been very productive today...seriously. I've got all the Tokyo Mew Mew pages up, character guide and episode guide. I've also been good and got up the 'How to get bubble gum off your shoe' and 'How to get bubble gum off your hair' pages. The 'How To...' pages are under the Misc. link. I think I deserve a pat on the back don't you?


I was busy last night trying to setup a way to dynamically generate my navigational menu using JavaScript using a tutorial written by James Austin at ASP & JavaScript. The tutorial is great and all, but the problem I encountered must have been the computers fault but, after monifications to the tutorial code by James, I stuck it into my own "index.html" and ran it in a browser only to find that it wouldn't do what it was suppose to. So debugging began. It took me at least 4 hours to find that the problem wasn't with my modification but with file "index.html" and till this moment I still don't know what was wrong with it, because I simply copied and pasted the code from my file into the example file provided by James, and then it works! It's like what the?!?!?

So basically I was really annoyed last night with my stupid computer. Now that I've got it working you can see that the nagivational bar is working, and it's doing what I want it to do. Now I've got the 'How to make cookies and cream ice cream' page working. Hence the working pages are: Main, Contact, Magic Knight Rayearth, ColorStains and the Making Cookies and Cream Ice Cream page.

As I was busy this afternoon with an meeting, which took longer than expected, I haven't don't much work since this morning. But I am getting there. So yea...thanks everyone for checking out our page and hope you guys like it and apologies for not getting everything up quicker for those searching for information. Oh and before I forget I would also like to thank and credit James Austin at ASP & JavaScript. for making the lovely tutorial. Thanks James!