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New Zealand historian, researcher and author, Anthony G. Flude, began his

research in 1970 into the foundation and history of the Henderson District,

situated some thirteen miles west of Auckland City.


His first book, HENDERSON'S MILL, was first published in 1977 by the then Henderson Borough Council, it was then updated and expanded in 2008. The book detailed the story of the Henderson Township and its early settlers, land sales and development from the first timber workers in 1842.


Realising, during this research, that the township was closely attached to the Henderson & Macfarlane's fleet of sailing ships of Auckland, he continued to accumulate historical information until in 1988 he published his second history  CIRCULAR SAW LINE showing the links to the township, the growth of the shipping line and its importance to the fledgling colony and growing township of Auckland in those early days.


Over the last thirty-five years, his research material has led him to many South Pacific Islands, where the missionaries and traders journals recorded the lives of the people and daily incidents. From these and other official sources stored in museums, archives and libraries, he has put together this collection of articles and stories of the whaler's, sealer's and settlers, who emigrated to a new country and built the foundations of present day New Zealand.............


             HENDERSON"S MILL......Anthony G Flude 2008.


In 1844 the Auckland firm  Henderson & Macfarlane swapped a ship for some 18,000 acres of land in the Whau in West Auckland. Thomas Maxwell Henderson, the senior partner and a hard-nosed Scotsmen, then proceeded to tear out the tall kauri timber from the Waitakere ranges and mill it at Henderson�s Mill on Henderson Creek. After the mill closed in 1868, many came and left, but some stayed to build a new life and even a town.


THAT town became known as HENDERSON.

These are their stories.




A genealogist's delight, Henderson's Mill, expanded in this second edition to 240 pages, is full of the names of the early settlers and their families who came to the tiny town of Henderson in those early times. Its a must-have reference work of both the history and the family names that contributed to the early district out West. It should be on every bookshelf.

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