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6.The New Zealand Company

14. Wanganui & Riverboats

1. Exploration & Settlement

2. Ruatara-a Maori chief.

3. Maori & Missionaries.
4. Unemployed & Homeless
5. Landsharks & Speculators.
7. First Immigrant ships.
9.The Pioneer Women.
8. Circular Saw Line.
10. Akoroa-the French.
11.Journey to New Zealand.
12. Convicts to NZ.
13. -Gold Strikes
15. Whaling in New Zealand.
16. Cobb & Company
17. The Boyd Massacre.
18. Henderson's Mill.
19. Marlborough & Cospatrick.
20. Days of Sailing Scows.
21. Voyage of the Mermaid.
22. Ocean Island.
23. Captain Peter Theet.
24. Trader William (George) ELLIS.
25. William (Bully) HAYES.
27. Awatea-& the vanishing SWAN
26. Pacific Kidnappers(slavers)
28.Sealers & Fur Traders.
29. Godefroy Shippng Company.
30. Royal New Zealand  Fencibles.
31. Port Nicholson Purchase.
32. Count Von Luckner's Escape.
33. Wreck of Steamer AEON.
34. Mutiny aboard the VENUS.
35. About the AUTHOR
"Rising at dawn, we crowded the ships rails, anxious to get a first glimpse of the land which was to be our new home"............................"
"The sea was calm as we sailed into Port Nicholson on that warm sunlit December morning in 1840 and soon shelters and shacks could be seen dotted along the waterfront.........
Presently, native canoes came paddling out from the shore - there must have been a score or more coming to greet us. Our long journey from England was coming to an end."

The NZ Company ship "London" sailed with 200 immigrants aboard from Gravesend, England on the 10th August and arrived on the 12th December, 1840, a voyage of 121 days.

Pioneering immigrant histories from New Zealand.

**Recommended reading.**


A collection of thirty-four illustrated and interesting historical articles and stories.
Learn about the early pioneering days in New Zealand and the
lives of the traders stationed on the tiny South Pacific Islands

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