- (NB. Applicable only when total membership exceeds 500 and The Party is registered.)

1. All financial members must be invited to vote on all Party Policy or Rule-making matters or amendments whether they attend meetings or not.

2. All such voting must be received by The Secretary within 14 days or any other notified deadline, to be valid.

3. In the first instance, majority vote shall decide each issue. A dead-heat shall not decide an issue, and such issue shall only be voted on again at least 30 days later.

4. Subsequent, additional, or amended voting on issues that have already been voted upon shall not be permissible within a period of six months from the last vote, unless the Party Executive otherwise deems it necessary.

5. Such subsequent, additional, or amended voting shall only be binding where a 40% margin or more is registered. (In other words a clear majority is required rather than an indecisive one.)

6. Under legal age voters’ votes will still be recorded, but will not effect a final result.

7. All voting prior to registration shall be carried out as for conventional meetings.