- (NB. Applicable only if the Party is registered.)

1. Upon the official declaration and date of a general election, persons wishing to be considered as candidates must notify the relevant electorate secretary within 30 days in writing of their intention to stand for selection.

2. All prospective candidates must be current financial members of the Party.

3. In the event of more than one prospective candidate, the electorate branch shall arrange a public meeting at a suitable central venue within the electorate and notify every financial member within the electorate together with voting papers depicting said candidates and a deadline date for return of their votes within 7 days of the meeting. The electorate Branch Chairperson shall not cast a vote at this time.

4. Such public meeting shall be publicised in suitable media deemed appropriate by the electorate branch.

5. At such public meeting each prospective candidate will be given the opportunity of addressing the meeting, without interruption, to make known his or her qualities, dedications, and reasons for seeking the candidacy. Each candidate shall speak for the same duration and some time limit will be decided by the electorate branch and notified to each candidate at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

6. On the 8th day after the said public meeting, all voting papers returned shall be counted by the electorate branch officers (excepting any who may be prospective candidates), at a special closed meeting for the purpose. Each candidate may appoint a scrutineer who may observe the counting, and who may question any reasonable aspect. Should any reply not satisfy a scrutineer the matter shall be tabled on the agenda of the next electorate branch meeting. Voice recorders may be carried by scrutineers if they so wish, but not picture recording devices.

7. Upon completion of the counting of votes the successful candidate shall be declared by the Chairperson. In the event of a tie the Chairperson will cast his deciding vote. The successful candidate shall be advised immediately, as well as the unsuccessful applicants.

8. The electorate branch shall notify the media of their selected candidate together with a photograph and personal details etc. At the same time it will notify the Party Executive.

9. The electorate branch shall fully support the selected candidate in any way they can, both before and after the forthcoming general election.