The NZ Super Democratic Party Special Policy Release Bulletin No. 5

Law and Order & Justice

- The NZSDP:

# Would systematically redesign prisons to provide solitary confinement only. (Prisoners never to mix or meet.) * (Subject to favourable televote.)

# Would provide modern and comfortable prison accommodations. But, prisoners will work, get paid the minimum wage, help support any family, participate in rehabilitation programmes, and, after release, get to pay for their stay. (Subject to favourable televote.)

# Would institute realistic guidelines for the Justice system to award full actual costs (including reasonable scale legal fees) and full actual compensations and/or restitution to innocent parties. (Subject to favourable televote.)

# Would investigate and update all existing legislation pertaining to minors involved in serious crimes, misdemeanors, and/or anti-social (nuisance) behaviour, to allow police to carry out their duties effectively on the spot. (Subject to favourable televote.)

# Would support increased numbers of police. (Subject to favourable televote.)

# Would investigate and instigate positive measures to speed up the Court system. (Subject to favourable televote.) # Would institute ever-increasing penalties for repeat offenders. (Subject to favourable televote.)

* NB. Subject covered in greater detail in an article entitled: "Penal Confinement - The Solitary Solution" available from the NZSDP.