The NZ Super Democratic Party Special Policy Release Bulletin No. 4


The NZSDP: # Would divide welfare benefits into two categories. Non repayable benefits for recipients with circumstances beyond their control, and repayable benefits (i.e. as for loans with standard interest rates) for recipients with circumstances of their own making. * (Subject to favourable televote.)

# Would take positive action to combat poverty. (Subject to favourable televote.)

# Would increase funding for the aged, infirm and disabled. (Subject to favourable televote.)

# Would lower immigration levels when unemployment is high. (Subject to favourable televote.)

# Would provide realistic incentives, opportunities and special programmes for the unemployed to get back into the work force. (Subject to favourable televote.)

# Would establish a Government funded superannuation scheme to which additional contributions may be made voluntarily. (Subject to favourable televote.)

* NB. Subject covered in greater detail in an article entitled: "Welfare - Non Repayable and Repayable" available from the NZSDP.