Scribes, where are you?

Orchids in NZ Editorial April 1992 

Obtaining material for newsletters is always an ongoing problem.

This is what I wrote in 1992

Any magazine is a mosaic of very many parts. All must come together if it is to be successful. A very essential part of that overall mosaic is the contributors.

Obviously, if no one contributes, there will be little if anything to read. When 1 first took over as Editor, 1 received good contributor support, much of which has been unsolicited. Unfortunately, over recent months this support seems to have dried up.

As will be readily apparent from recent issues, there is a shortage of original material. Articles are urgently required. Promises are nice, but hard copy is what is really wanted!

As previously stated, this magazine is owned by the orchid societies of New Zealand. If each society could encourage just one member in their society to contribute an article each year, then we would have more than adequate material. Surely this is not too much to ask from the orchid growers of this country.

Articles, both short and long, on any orchid related subject, are appropriate. They do not have to be literary masterpieces, just a e selected subject is all that is clear expression of your thoughts on the selected subject is all that is required. There are many long established growers, and contributions on culture are of interest to us all. Perhaps you could encourage them to share their skills and experience. But culture is not just the only subject. Orchids are a diverse and very interesting group of plants, so the source of subject matter is almost unlimited.

1 know all editors have difficulties obtaining suitable material, as a study of virtually any voluntary publication will attest usually at least once each year, but if this publication is not just to succeed, but to survive, then your assistance is urgently sought.

Remember our resources are limited. Much of the publication is entirely dependent on voluntary assistance from a wide range of individuals. Some contribute large amounts of time, often late at night or during otherwise free time, and surely their contributions deserve some support from the wider orchid growing family by way of assistance in this way

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