This site was established by site author and webmaster on 9 May 1998.  I had been looking at the web, and wondered how they put the pages together.  As a result of this inquisitiveness, this site was is a non commercial site, established by an orchid enthusiast with aninterest in computers, for the benefit of all orchid growers. I hope the material will be of interest and assistance to a wide range of readers, encouraging them to develop their interest in these interesting plants, and to get involved in their local orchid society, organisations which develop ones interest in these plants and which provide an excellent forum to extend ones knowledge.

I have been involved in orchid growing  since  the late 1970's, after finding out what some interesting plants were that I had seen as a child exhibiting flowers of a local horticultural society in North Canterbury, New Zealand. I like a wide range of orchids, but especially species.  I don't grow them particularly well, as demands of family, work and other interests mean the orchids must survive as best they can.  Perhaps when I retire they will get the attention they really deserve.

I was a founding member of the Wellington Orchid Society, holding a number of positions in the society.  I was the editor of  what was for a small society a very significant orchid Journal for 10 years.  I also   wrote and published a number of orchid guides for the Society,  on the culture of cymbidiums, lycaste, oncidiums,  paphiopedilums and the cattleya tribe.These publications were very successful, over 30,000 copies of the cymbidium guide being distributed, and some 40,000   guides sold in total. In addiiton a number of other publications were imported and distributed to members and other orchid growers in this country.

 My involvement with that society ceased in the early 1990's for many reasons, and the publications activities of that society  have effectively ceased.

For the last 7 years of its life, I was editor of the Orchid Council of New Zealand publication Orchids in New Zealand up to the point where it ceased production  because of cost problems, and declining readership which reflected the general orchid society membership  decline in this country. In recent years I have been a member of the Capital City Orchid Society, my local society a relatively small but enthusiastic and friendly group.  

I am by training a professional agriculturalist trained at Lincoln University near Christchurch, running for some 20 years a large rural mortgage portfolio.  More recently I am involved as Chief Property Valuer for a large financial organisation in Wellington,  New Zealand.

I hope you enjoy the site.   I am interested in any comments you may have - both good and bad!.  It is only with feedback that I can hope to improve the site and make it of value and assistance to the most readers and growers.

Site established 9th May 1998