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 Date sent: Mon, 4 Feb 2002
From: geoffrey <>
Subject: Xylobium colleyi

Hi Phil,

I have recently acquired a Xylobium colleyi plant, but cannot find any information on it's cultural needs. I ran across a reference to Xylobium's on a web page of yours. I am hoping you can help me with the plant. I know it's a warm growing plant but that's about all. I would like to learn more about the plants needs.

Thank you for your time.

 Hi Geoff

There is not a lot of information on this genus.

I have one (squalens) which I grew successfully for a number of years, but it unfortunately dies while I was overseas, and because you see some so rarely I have not been able to replace it.

I grew it in bark, placed on a propagating bed as it seemed to appreciate the extra warmth.

I believe there are some 25 odd species in the genus and that they like intermediate to warm conditions. Often their culture is likened to that required for lycastes, and that was the basis for what I did - warmth, water well in active growth but dryer when growths are completed, and good light. I believe they are related to both lycaste and maxillaria.

I wish you every success with this plant. If flowered freely for me for a number of years, and while not spectacular was an interesting and profitable addition to the collection.

With kind regards and good growing


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