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Subject: 'Thanks'
Date sent: Wed, 14 Nov 2001

Hi Phil,

I have just brought my first orchid a cymbidium{its a shame that I do not know the actul name} its a gold colour petal with red going down the middle with a deep red tiger looking middle flower,I apologize for not knowing the correct parts of this beautiful plant.Anyway if you know the one I mean which would be surprising from my details [as I cannot find it
in the books that I have looked at,so I assume it is fairly new!

]Well,I'm actually writing to say what an absolutely great web site you have,so clear and very helpful to the beginner.

Many thanks.Annette {U.K}


Many thanks for your kind comments. It is great that you have found the site of assistance

Enjoy your orchids. I am sure you will get much pleasure from growing them.

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