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Subject Oncidium staceyi

Could you please advise me about the nature of Oncidium staceyi and the appropriate culture, as I have just purchased a plant

This is a spectacular species from Bolivia, producing 75 mm flowers from cases up to 2 metres long. The first reference I can find in in the Orchid Digest 40:6 1976 where Mary Noble Mcquerry described the discovery of this species in 1972 which had however been cultivated by a local grower for some 30 years. She noted that the plant has become scarce because it grows on huge mahogany trees, many of which have been cut down for timber.

The species was named by Leslie Garay for John Stacy who was part involved in producing a synopsis of the oncidium genus.

It is noted in the Orchid Digest amongst a list of the terete leafed and mule eared oncidiums, and presumably the culture relevant to the mule eared oncidiums is appropriate. this is covered on the oncidium series page which should provide basic information on these plants. The Habitat Series also has both background and cultural information which should assist in growing these plants. Its long terete (rounded) leaves are consistent with plants from arid habitats.

The Orchid Digest article and Pridgeon What Orchid Is That? illustrate it.

I am afraid this is all the information I have on this plant


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