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 Subject: Splitting orchid

Date sent: Sat, 20 Oct 2001

Sorry my english is very bad

Please, . a co worker have a orchid plant she is willing to share with me

I would like to know how to separete it whitout damage to the orchid

Thank you


Hi Maura

It is difficult to be specific without knowing the type of plant involved.

I presume it has large bulbs or swollen stems. If so, remove from the mix and break it into a group of at least 2 3 bulbs as less will take longer to flower. I suggest you read my repotting page which will have information on the best procedure.This clan be found at

Other plants should not be separated into too many pieces as small pieces will not flower.

Break the plant after removing from the mix and allow the broken rhizome to dry out for several hours and if possible treat with a fungicide or powdered sulphur to prevent infection by bacterial of fungi.

If you have any further questions get back to me

With kind regards


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