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Date sent: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 21:13:46 +0200
From: V**** <h*@v*.com>
Subject: information about J.J. Smith

Dear Sir,

I have just enjoyed your wonderful Orchid World-site. Scrolling through >> your pages, I read your story about the orchid PAPHIOPEDILUM GLAUCOPHYLLUM, described by J.J.Smith in 1900.

I never knew this orchid >> was dicovered by B.J.C. (Bastoaan Jacob Carel) Verhey, the brother of my great-grandfather. Unfortunately I couldn't find the footnotes that seem to belong to the text at the end, hoping to learn more about J.J. Smith and this

Please, if you have any infomation about this discovery, or about where >> to find more, let me know.

Many thanks!


H R. V
 Thank you Herbert for your kind comments. I am pleased that you enjoy the site

I was very interested to read of your ancestor BJC Verhey

The notes on the page refer to the references which can be found on the > reference page which you can find on the left index window.

I cannot really add much more than what is there. Cribb in his book The Genus Paphiopedilum also mentions this fact, but without elaboration.

J J Smith is a quite well known botanical collector and worker in Asia, although a lot of his works are quite difficult to obtain. Around 1990 the Australian Orchid Foundation had several of his works translated (The Orchids of Dutch New Guinea published around 1912) but these are not widely available. l have had a quick look through my copies but there does not appear to be anything in what I have that gives any more information.

If you write to Kew Garden in England explaining what you are looking for they may be able to assist, as they have extensive
records and indexing. Like a lot of the early explorers there is often > not a lot of information now available

Good luck with your search. I am sorry that I cannot assist you any further.

With kind regards

Dear Phil,

Many thanks for your kind answer, information and help!

I just wrote a request to Kew Garden and hope to hear from them.

This is really very interesting!

With many thanks again
and kind regards from Holland,


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