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Subject: Culture question
Date sent: Tue, 30 Apr 2002


name = Jean Mao


I would like to know the 'general' light requirement for the following orchids, NOT IN FOOTCANDLEs, but in PAR (umol.m-2.s-1).
Please let me know where i might be able to find answer if you are not sure about the answer: Cattleya, minicatt, Oncidium, Dendrobium,
Miltoniopsis, Phalaenopsis.

Thank you very much!!!
 Hi Jean

It is always difficult to give general recommendations applicable to all plants. However, some general guide-lines are on the following page under the heading 'shading'.

Some general indication will also be found on the habitat series pages under each of the 4 habitats. Note hat those plants with thick heavy leaves generally take more light; thin leaves generally require shading.

If you know the specific species then it is often better to look at the specific species information, especially for a diverse genus such as

The general recommendations will generally be the most practicable. Measurement, in whatever form, still requires judgement because of
variation between species in a genus, and between individual plants.

I do not know of a source for the particular measurements you require. I presume there will be conversion factors around, but I do not have this. If you cannot find information, I would suggest that you do a post on the newsgroup rec.gardens.orchids and see if you get a response. That group has some very knowledgeable people, and someone there may be able to assist.



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