Question and Answer

Date sent: Fri, 21 Dec 2001
From: "Phil "
Subject: Permission to use.

Hi my name is Phil Chadd, I am an amateur grower of a range of genera. I am a member of the South Eastern Orchid Society, Perth, West Aust. as well as a member of the State body OSWA.

I have been most impressed with the contents of your website and would like to publish excerpts in our monthly newsletter to embers, particularly the basics of Cymbidium and Cattleya culture.

I am putting together my experiences of growing under lights using hydroponics which I hope to publish in the newsletter, that is when I can get things literary flowing as well as yours does.

I would anticipate the excerpts to be around 750 words per month on both subjects.

Once again thanking you for your website
In anticipation of your approval
Many thanks for the message and comments concerning the site.

It is nice to hear that it is appreciated.I am only too happy for the material to be used by your society for a non commercial purpose.

The only request I have is that the source be fully acknowledged in each item, with a notice of the link to the main page, either or the frames version or the non frames version at

Many thanks

Wishing you and the members of your society all the best for the festive season.

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