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I'mreally hoping you could help me with an orchid problem.

I recently purchased a couple of orchids, 1 vanda, and 1 dendrobium, both are fairly mature plants. And in less than 1 week, the leaves are all turning yellow. I don't mean gradually, I mean very rapidly, as like within 10 days the whole plant is yellow. I have only watered these plants one time, and they are not getting any direct sunlight, but plenty of indirect sunlight. How can this happen?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Without seeing the plant it is difficult to give a definite answer. Several thoughts come to mind however.

It is possible that the plant has been affected before you purchased it - it may have been kept colder than it was used to , or placed in a cold droughty place. This could cause the loss of leaves as indicated.

It is also possible that just the change of environment could have affected it. It temperatures, light, humidity is significantly different from what it is used to, this could cause the loss of leaves. Significant root loss/damage is an obvious cause, but in view of your comment that you have watered only once, this does not appear likely. However it may reflect watering practice before you purchased ti.

If there is no sign of rot, just treat it normally and hope that it will break into new growth which will be normal If ti was just an environmental factor giving it some time to adjust may be all that is needed. You may want to tip it carefully from the pot and look at the
roots to see if they are nice and white with green tips. If so, return to the pot and continue as normal. If they are damaged ;you may want to repot and clean damaged roots and nurse carefully.

i am sorry, but this is all I can suggest.

I trust the plants recover



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