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From: Haydees
Date sent: Wed, 5 Sep 2001
Subject: Digital Pics

Hi there:

I just started taking pictures of my orchids but when I reduce them to put them on the web site, it's losing resolution. How can I avoid that? Can you help me.


I am attaching a picture that I took, my first one, I thought it wasn't that bad but it doesn't look nice on the web page becaues of the reduction.
Hi Haydees

I was interested to receive your message. I have had a look at the image, and by internet standards it is not bad

You need to realise that the computer monitor is not good at reproducing pictures. It is only able to show a screen resolution of
some 75 dots per inch, which is not a very high level. A reasonable printed image requires some 300 dpi plus for a reasonable image.To ensure good download times the use of low resolutions of this order are used. For printing quality very large files are required, and as th is produces very low download times they are not practical for most normal usage.

It is possible to crispen up an image by sharpening the edges of the image in say Paint Shop Pro or similar, but you can only go so far in that regard.

It is important that the image acanned is thebest possible. The final image is only as good as the quality of the original picture.

. Have a look at images on the web pages on most sites and I think most do not have high definition for the reason given. Also, come computer monitors are not good in reproducing colours accurately. In some you can calibrate to improve the accuracy of colour reproduction. In any cases the normal monitor settings should be checked to ensure they have not been turned to 'abnormal' positions.

I trust these comments assist

With kind regards


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