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 My wife has been presented with a phalaenopsis that is growing in a glass container with no drainage. It seems to be quite healthy, and a second spike is now growing with hopefully more flowers to come. We are new to this type of plant and would not wish to lose it. Please advise if it should be taken out of the glass pot (4x3x7inches high) The compost is a mix of lumps of bark and silvery sand. It is presently in the conservatory which is progressively getting less light and colder at night, so it is moved indoors in the evenings. Will the roots rot in the glass pot, and how will we know how much to water it. I was fortunate to find your super web site, thank you very much. Hope you can help

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Re the phalaenopsis, I would suspect it should be taken out of the glass container. This orchid, like most orchids, require moisture and air
around the roots, and such a container is likely to cause problem, especially if you are not experienced with this like of plant.

Repot in a well drained container with a coarse bark media. Refer to the phalaenopsis and repotting pages on the site for further information.

You need to keep the medium moist but not wet. If you have a coarse mix, you can water quite frequently. The dryness of the atmosphere and temperature will also have an effect. Use a shingle tray (a tray with gravel, with the plant standing on top, and water up to the level of the gravel, allows water vapour to go around the plant. These plants are warm growing, so keeping inside, especially during the winter, is important.

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