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 Date sent: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
Subject: Question
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Thank you for your orchid site.

I have recently inherited a number of orchids from my grandmothers estate. I have no idea what species they are or how to care for them. It is obvious they have been neglected and that we received the sickly ones.. however I want to save them.

What PH should the water be and how should I go about restoring them to a healthy condition?

Thank you.

 Hi Holly

Thank you for your comments

The pH of water should be around 7 or slightly over. Often however it is not the question of pH but rather of the soluble salts it may contain, nwhich can be more of a problem

To give you advice on restoring your plants is difficult without knowing exactly what you have. I suggest you check the photo gallery if the
plants are in flower, and try and identify them

If tou can identify them, then the culture page will give you some basic information and there are specific cultural pages for the main plant groups

Without knowing the genus, the general culture pages will give you some basic information, I suggest you start with which is for cymbidiums, but which applies generally for most orchids. There are pages on repotting which you may also find of assistance. If the plants have been neglected then it is likely repotting will be not only required but may be essential for their recovery.

I hope this assists. If you need more information get back to me

Good luck

With kind regards

 Thank you for your good advice that you sent to me several weeks ago.

My orchids are already looking better and I can see new growth forming. I still can't identify them, I'll get back to you after they bloom!

With great appreciation,



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