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Subject: Pests
From: Paul
Date sent: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 p

Wwhat eats the buds on my cattleyas

I can't find any critters anywhere on the plants.need some advise quick,please

Hi Paul

Thanks for the question - but I am not sure that I can furnish any answers. If it is the buds, it is likely to be a large insect, or even
mice or similar. Without catching some evidence it is difficult to suggest any answers.

If there is a local orchid society around, it may be worth contacting them for some advice, as they are likely to know of the problems
experienced locally. Also someone with gardening experience at your local garden centre may also be able to assist. You may be able to cover with an open mesh cloth wich may be able to keep larger pests out but you will need to watch that this does not damage the bud or keep too much sunlight away.

I am sorry that I cannot assist more on the information available

With kind regards



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