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Subject: Overwatering

From: susan
Date sent: Wed, 11 Jul 2001

I have owned my Dendrobium Orchid (common small purple flowers) for only four months. It sits on a eastern window ledge and receives only morning light; the leaves are never hot to the touch. The leaves are turning yellow then brown on one of the stalks. I was away for 3 weeks in June and someone watered my plants for me. It could have been overwatered, but my Phalaenopsis and Oncidiums are fine. Should I remove the leaves or wait for them to fall off?

Any advice?
Thank you!

Hi Susan

Sorry for the dealy in replying but I ahve been overseas for the alt 2 months.

Overwatering or root damage could well be the cause of the problem. If the leaves remain yellow you can leave, but if they turn brown or black than cut off immediately as such colouration indicates attack by a fungus or bacteria and you need to get rid of the affected material.

Check the roots. They should bde white or whitish green. If they are black then overwatering is most likely the cause. The roots must have access to air, so in such cases cease watering, and only lightly mist the foliate undil new root growth is observed.

Good luck, and again I am sorry for the delay in replying.

With kind regards


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