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 Subject: Looking for Orange Colour Orchids
Date sent: Mon, 5 Nov 2001

I want to know where I can get some orange flower orchids to make into wedding bouquets for 1st December.

Please reply or ring me, fax , mobile, email

Thank you,

Hi Naomi

First talk to your florist, They have access to many producers and if you have specific requirements they can often obtain. If they do not have the colour you want, then get them to spray them exactly to your requirements. There is a wide range of colours available, and often this is the best way to achieve an exact colour match

If you contact a producer like Pacific bloomsin NZ they can also often provide what is required.

Check the Pipers Index in NZ for a full range of producers who you may be able to contact.

You may have to ask around to get flowers of the exact colour, as orange natural flowers are not common, but as I
note, spraying with florists colour may be the best solution

Good luck

With kind regards


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