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Subject: oncidium death sindrome
Date sent: Tue, 14 May 2002

Hello I find your site to be the best on the web. And lucky me

Oncidiums are my chosen plant for colecting and breeding, altho I have > narowed it further by trying to narow it to fragrant only. I find it grreat for helping me sort out what to get next. Thank you.

But now I have a question for you, many of my frends who grow say "you > cant keep oncidiums" "yes you can keep them for a few years then they alwys waste away and die". I have kept some for a wile I have about 100 and growing. But I do get some that allways waste away. This seems to be the same patern, would you know of anyone who has writen on this problem? It is probobly to much or not enough of somthing. I've only bin growing them for 20 years, but some of my frends have been growing for over 50 and they dont give much incuragement. But then I'm not one to give up easely.
From Rhode Island USA

Thank you David for your kind comments. It is nice to receive such comments that the information is of assistance.

Oncidiums generally are easy to grow and maintain, although there are of course the difficult ones. The point to note is that it is a very diverse genus, with a wide range of cultural requirements. If you do not provide the correct conditions for the particular plants, then you will have problems. My oncidium site discusses the genus by the various sections, with specific cultural suggestions which you may find useful. Also the habitat series supplements some of the information for the main groups.

Good luck with the plants

with kind regards



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